Thursday, January 21, 2016


The Big Picture:
You can't do it all.

My Picture:
     I'm trying... I still have six months to go, but I'm telling you it is just not possible to do everything.
To be fair I'm not actually trying to do it all... Just the Save The Dates', invitations, flowers, decorations, hair clips for the bridesmaids, and the meat. Already I see the writing on the wall... If I get the flowers all done it will be a miracle, I'm going to have to delegate some of the decorating, and as for the meat... I might just give up on the idea of home grilled anything. But that is ok because I'm loving every minute of it.

More of a Big Picture:
- DIY the things you actually like to spend time doing. I love paper crafts and design so I decided to do those things. 
- No matter how big or small your wedding is DIY takes time so plan accordingly.
It's not always cheaper. If you have the supplies then it probably is, we are saving a bundle on invitations and save the dates' because we have all the paper products and cutters. But If you have to go out and buy supplies then that, plus your time, means you are probably not saving anything. This is the case for the hair clips I'm making my bridesmaids. I've spent enough on supplies that I could have easily ordered something from etsy, but that is ok because the whole point was that they are my gift to them and I wanted each to be custom and imbued with love. 
- If you can make it work, it is so rewarding to know that your hands made this special item.
- You don't have to go-it-alone, recruit help. I'm lucky enough to have friends that volunteered to give me a hand with the flowers; even if they only make one, that is one less that I have to make.

DIYing Right Now:
     What I'm working on at the minute with the DIY stuff is flowers and decorations. All the Save The Date work has been completed [hazah!]. If anyone is interested in a more detailed how to just let me know.

Our finished stack of hand designed and drawn, home printed, hand cut Save The Dates! 
[sooooo many!]

Beautiful flowers out of love poems.

Strings of paper cranes, each folded with love, and strung with only dollar store supplies [that for some reason cost $1.50?].

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