Tuesday, January 26, 2016

On Health

The Big Picture:
     Everyone wants to be healthy. Ok, I prefer to stay away from absolutes... Most people want to be healthy. Being healthy, body and mind (that will be the topic next time), is important as an individual. So many people, and often brides want to loose weight, gain weight, look a certain way, for no reason other than asthetics, and maybe the misconstrewed notion that that is what happyness looks like. A weight, a particular look, is an unachevable goal. You are you, you will always be some variant of you. Being your best you, healthiest you, now that is a goal worth striving for.
     As a couple you now have someone else with an interest in your health and whos health you care about. As a commited life partner... Shoot gets real. Together, forever, in sickness, in health, good, bad, ugly! Life can be hard enough when everything is going just fine. Living a healthy lifestyle is like saying to your partner "I'm putting effort in to making our life the best it can be for as long as possible." Having someone say that to you... is amazing. 

My Picture:
     I'm in my last year of university and it is amazing how much my body has changed. The change hasn't been fast by any-means: fist flexibility, then cardio (which has never been my strong suit), and recently my strength, one by one they have all dwindled. The lack of strength is what finally shocked me into action. I've always been strong for my size, not she-hulk, but enough that it was my  secret wepon.  Over the last six years I have consistantly exersized my brain and slowly neglected my body. I'm blessed to have a figure that distributes fat evenly, and honestly I have no problem being curvy; I could nevery be a skinny person, I have to large of muscles. My dessire to change my physique is simply because I am not able to do things I once could. I'm not my best self. I want to start my marrage as healthy as I can.
     I think it is important to note that I love my body, it does so much for me. I also don't have any real issue with the way I look.  Sure I do have goals I'd like to reach and things that will never change that aren't my favorite, but I am comfortable in my own skin.
     I plan on being more active and trying to bring more moderation into my diet to acheive this. I want to use this blog as a motivator for me to stick with my plans to get healthier. I hope to be an example of a real person making real changes in their life. 

That said, below are some pictures of what I look like now. I'm posting them mostly for me, so if fat shaming is your gag then don't even bother looking. I'll keep you posted on what I'm doing and how well I am or am not staying motivated. 

Please ignore the serious face I was looking for the flashes on the camera.
These photos are not for public or corperate use.

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