Friday, January 15, 2016

On This Blog

The Big  Picture:
     Everyone needs a place to gather their thoughts, process, and synthesize what they have learned in life. For me that place will be this blog. I have been engaged for over a year now and with a wedding in about six months (!!!) I have a lot to process. I have also, over the past year, come across some useful resources and come to some wonderful realizations; since I am the first of my close friends to get married I have no one to share these insights with, hence the blog as an outlet. While the main inspiration for this blog is wedding topics really it will be a grab bag of life topics that have come up in the wedding planning process.

My Picture:
     I'm a student in my last year of undergrad and therefor planning this wedding while in school with an international boarder between me and my venue, home, and fiancĂ©. I've been with W, my fiancĂ©, for more than eight years. I work on a farm in the summers, hence the blog name. I'm a huge nerd, specializing in marine biology. Also, I have terrible spelling and grammar, so please forgive the occasional missed edit.

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